The Complete List of Guitar Backing Tracks (Free and Paid Sites)

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The Complete List of Guitar Backing Tracks (Free and Paid Sites)

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Whether you are a solo musician or in a band, a good guitar backing track is a must-have. After all, not everyone has the privilege to be accompanied by Jimmy Page during practice or on the live stage. Unfo

rtunately, finding sites that offer good quality backing tracks aren’t too easy to come by either.

Go straight to the sites:

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So, if you are on the lookout for a website that can help elevate your performance, then you have come to the right place. Here you will find a comprehensive list of free and paid sites for the top guitar backing tracks online. So, let’s get started!

Paid Sites for Guitar Backing Tracks

Here is a list of the top paid sites for your guitar backing tracks. In addition to providing higher quality tracks, these sites often give you the option to orde

r custom backing tracks.

Karaoke Version

As the name suggests, this site offers you backing tracks karaoke version. All the songs are instrumental-based and are great for either learning or practice. The tracks can be purchased and downloaded in mp3 format.

We highly recommend Karaoke Version because of the quality and variety of guitar backing tracks they have and selected them above all others as our affiliate recommendation.

Official Website:

Pro Backing Tracks

If you are looking for jazz guitar backing tracks, then this is the site for you. You can find a wide variety of original and cover backing tracks for smooth jazz, Latin jazz, and more. There are custom bundles for artists who would like to download several songs at once.

Official Website:

Custom Backing Tracks (CBT)

This should be your go-to site for professional backing tracks for bands, although they do cater to singers and solo musicians as well. The backing tracks are carefully composed by real artists, using real instruments, ensuring that the sound quality is that much higher. You can select from basic, complex, or detailed tracks complete with orchestration.

Official Website:

Paris Music

In addition to having the latest backing tracks, this site goes one step further with its custom orders. It gives you the option to order a multi-track file. Thus, you can get a breakdown of each guitar section and then mix it as you please. This makes it ideal for gigging and live performances.

Official Website:


Patreon gives artists the ability to sell their guitar backing tracks on the site. As such, you have access to a greater variety of music. It is also easier to find a backing track that is perfectly suited to your style of playing.

Official Website:


Bandcamp is another site that allows you to reach out to independent artists for cover and original guitar backing tracks. This works well for anyone looking for backing tracks for videos and other media formats.

Official Website:


Here, you can find anything from pop and rock to blues guitar backing tracks. Even better, once you have bought the tracks, they are completely royalty-free. This means that you get to use it for as long as you like.

Official Website:

Superior Jam Backing Track

If you are looking for original or acoustic guitar backing tracks, look no further than this site. The tracks are meant for personal, non-commercial use, but are of very high-quality. They are excellent for practice and jam sessions. The artist must be credited if you choose to use it publicly.

Official Website:


This site offers up backing tracks for old and new songs alike. However, if you have a soft spot for rock guitar backing tracks, then this is the site to head to. It has everything from The Stones to Steppenwolf. Whether you are a singer looking for a backup or a musician looking for practice, the site will serve you well. What’s more, it’s pretty affordable too!

Official Website:

Jam Tracks for Guitar

The main perk of using this guitar backing track site is that it covers every genre imaginable. This includes country, soul, R&B, metal, lounge, and a whole lot more. Thus, you will have no trouble finding exactly what you’re looking for here. When you purchase your desired track, you get the chord charts and diagrams to boot.

Official Website:

Free Sites for Guitar Backing Tracks

Given below are the sites on which you can find free guitar backing tracks. Keep in mind that there may be limitations to how you can use these tracks.


This site has one of the most comprehensive collections of guitar backing tracks! You can find songs by artist or by genre and there are hundreds of titles to select from.

Some of the more popular backing tracks on this site include:

  • Jam Tracks: 12 Bar Blues Progression
  • Jam Tracks: Slow Blues In E
  • Jeff Beck – Diamond Dust
  • Him – Wicked Game
  • Jam Tracks: Blues In G
  • Thin Lizzy – Rosalie

Official Website:

Guitar Tone Master

With this site, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. While the tracks are free, they are also created by talented and professional artists. As such, they boast a much higher quality. The site allows you to choose guitar backing tracks based on key, genre, or display chords. So, you can easily find what you’re looking for.

Official Website:


YouTube has an incredibly large collection of tracks and some videos date back years. In addition, you will gain access to guitar backing tracks with chords and lyrics, ensuring that you get the data at once. However, you need to be aware of YouTube’s copyright laws. You may need to get permission before you use certain tracks. Furthermore, ensure that you appropriately recognize the artist.

Official Website:


This site also allows you to choose from a vast number of backing tracks. The beauty of this is that you can find tracks from various genres. At the same time, you can have access to popular and original music. The only tricky thing here is that you need to get the artists’ permission to download the songs and use them. Once again, copyright laws will be at play.

Official Website:

Guitar Command

Guitar Command doesn’t just give you access to free guitar backing tracks, it also provides you with the scales so that you can make improvisations. Due to this, the tracks are perfect for newbies or those who want to improve their skills.

Official Website:

Guitar Maps

This site works well for anyone who is serious about elevating their capabilities. You can choose the backing tracks based on style or key. There are various genres and types of backing tracks, ensuring that you can try your hand at many different things.

Official Website:

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s take a look at some of the frequently asked questions regarding guitar backing tracks.

What is a Guitar Backing Track?

A guitar backing track is a pre-recorded portion of guitar music. The track can be a recording of a synthesized instrument or a real one. Artists use these backing tracks in live performances or to practice along with.

How Do I Make a Backing Track for a Guitar?

The simplest way to do this would be to download a MIDI file from the internet. Then, you can simply extract the guitar portion of this file and you will have a backing track.

What are the Best Backing Tracks?

The best backing tracks offer the best quality. With cover songs, top backing tracks will stay as true to the key, chords, and other elements as possible.

Where Can I Buy Guitar Backing Tracks?

You can buy guitar backing tracks online and we have been really impressed with the premium tracks offered by Karaoke Version. When you use our link for Karaoke Version we get a small referral and it helps go towards our maintenance and operating costs.  Just click here and check out the awesome backing tracks they have.

This concludes our guide to the best guitar backing track sites on the internet. With this list in hand, you can now find the finest backing tracks for practice or jamming sessions.

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