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Best Guitar Flight Cases

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Instead of having your beloved guitar abused by the airport rush and the cruel hands of the staff, you should protect it by using the best guitar flight case for flying.

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We don’t want you to be alarmed by this cruel possibility but this should also describe the importance of having sufficient protection for your valued instrument.

Rather than finding a cheap temporary casing, we recommend you invest in the best guitar flight case for your budget, that would serve you for a long time while providing complete protection and a safe journey for your guitar.

If you don’t have much knowledge in the types of guitar cases available and you are not so sure about where to start then this post is the best place to let you know all about the best guitar cases. We are going to provide you all the necessary information you need to know about the guitar cases.

Tips for Travelling with Guitar

There is a lot you can do to make sure that traveling with your guitar or flying with it isn’t that complicated. Sometimes you are not allowed to take your instrument within the cabin and you have to send it to the other luggage than in that situation following tips are going to help you:

1.    Stuff and the inside of the guitar case

Guitars are the delicate item, and it doesn’t matter how high quality the body material is. Because you might have seen a guitar crashed into pieces when any heavy metal or rock is stricken against it.  They are not made for such type of banging.

So to protect your instrument even when within a guitar flight case stuff things around it just like any soft piece of old blanket or any towel into the remaining space in the guitar flight case. This would provide excellent protection to the sensitive areas of the guitar and its strings. Because this extra stuff would act as a pad like support to the guitar. And it will also not let your guitar move within the case.

2.    Keep the strings loose

Keeping the stings loose can helps in critical times while flying. So keep them loose while traveling and tighten them while playing your favorite song to get the perfect sound. This is because in the high above skies there is the factor of change in temperature and pressure which cannot be avoided. So the already tightened strings and the increase in pressure is going to alter the shape of the guitar’s neck.

3.    If you travel a lot, invest in a guitar according to it

You should invest in a guitar that is specially designed for traveling. Here a question comes in your mind that they are not good enough! so basically, nothing is wrong than that. Just look around, you can easily find traveling friendly guitars that are also amazing for your practice. All the information these days is just a few clicks away.

4.    Shipping it

All of the guitars cannot be shipped but some of them can.  If you consider a fact that you cannot take your guitar along with you in a plan and also you are afraid of letting is be abused within common luggage. Then you can also pack it up perfectly and can ship it wherever you want before traveling there.

5.     Using a gig bag

This might not work for everyone but if you can take a chance to go for it. You can carry this bag into the plan and at the point where any crew member asks for this bag, you can always tell them your valid reasons. But not everyone every time is lucky enough to get this permission. So you are always left with the last option to place your beloved instrument into the best guitar flight case for the guitar.

6.    Considering airlines

Flying with your guitar must need to consider the Airlines as well. Since some Airlines have strict rules and they cannot allow your exceptions or requests. But some airlines consider it. And you just need to be polite while talking to the staff as they can help you carry your guitar and even help you to carry it on the plane.

Best Guitar Flight Cases

1.    Gator Cases Molded Flight Case For Acoustic Dreadnought Guitars With TSA Approved Locking Latch; (GTSA-GTRDREAD)

The best guitar cover is those with hard material and exteriors. Soft guitar covers are only comfortable to carry around. The case with strong solid construction and high upgraded bolts for good protection against any damage is this GTSA –GTRDREAD guitar flight case from Gator Cases.

These cases are the best ones against any losses while checking in at the airport. We also select these gator guitar cases to be the best guitar flight case for many reasons.

The heavy polyethylene makes up the shell, that is exactly needed to shield the beloved guitar from outside and the bolts make the inside of the case a safer place for your guitar. And for your extra assurance and safety there is a TSA approved locking system that is very easy to use and you can check up to your material.

The interior is made up of very extra padding of EPS foam covered by sock absorbing black plush. This padding helps in reducing the movement of the guitar inside the case.

Moreover, there is a neck cradle to make are that the neck of the guitar is safe. There is enough space to place the accessories of the guitar within the guitar case. For that purpose, there are compartments with a lid in this guitar flight case.


  • Hardshell
  • Thick padding
  • Grip handles
  • TSA approved locking 
  • Perfect fit for dreadnought shaped acoustic guitars


  • The guitar sits too low in the case
  • The neck cannot fit in

Gator Cases Molded Flight Case For Acoustic Dreadnought Guitars With TSA Approved Locking Latch; (GTSA-GTRDREAD)“>Purchasing through this affiliate link helps support us with a small commission on your new case πŸ™‚

2.    Gator Titan Series Waterproof/Dust Proof Case for Stratocaster and Telecaster Style Guitars (GWP-Electric)

The Gator case GWP- Electric titan series are the best for the protection of the electric guitars and to travel with them because of they are dustproof and waterproof.

This guitar flight case is perfectly designed sporting ATA -300and is dust and waterproof. It also has Mil-STD-810F immersion testing certificates.

These cases are made of durable and lightweight yet super strong NK-7 resin. This series also consists of powerful bolts and a latching system. That provides a strong grip and the padlock attached to it. It gives you the best comfortable carrying experience.

It is also featured with soft handling grip and inline wheels. We don’t compromise on style and so for this, the interior is made of deep blue velvet with extra style and protection within the lining.

The GWP electric can fit both in right and left-handed instruments.


  • The outer shell is bulletproof
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Soft handling grip


  • Top Styrofoam section is not sturdy enough as it may fall apart easily

Purchasing through this affiliate link helps support us with a small commission on your new case πŸ™‚

3.    Crossrock Deluxe Fiberglass Dreadnought Guitar Case, White (CRF2020DWT)

Crossrock cases are built to be extremely strong on the outside, and supple and gentle to your guitar on the inside. You have your choice between dreadnought, OM, classical, and even bass style guitars.

The max depth is around 15.5 cm and that if the lower lid is 8 cm. And the depth of suspension is 7.5 cm.

It’s exterior is made up of an anti-scratch fiberglass that enhances the strength of this guitar flight case. It’s velvet lining, easy bolts, and latches with TSA lock and the deluxe padded backpack straps are no exception.


  • Superb workmanship
  • Anti-scratch exterior
  • TSA approved locks
  • Sturdy


  • The awesome build quality comes at a higher cost

Purchasing through this affiliate link helps support us with a small commission on your new case πŸ™‚

4.    SKB Injection Molded Electric Guitar Case, Open Cavity, TSA Latches, with Wheels (3i-4214-OP)

SKB is a renowned brand in manufacturing some of the best guitar flight cases and other accessories.

Their products are famous for their quality and details. SKB Injection Molded Electric Guitar Case is a waterproof case manufactured from a heavy-duty polypropylene copolymer resin.

This guitar flight case features the waterproof, submersible, and airtight design which can withstand affect damage and is corrosion-proof. It also includes a trigger release latch system recognized from TSA, 4 reinforced locking loops, an over-molded grip of cushion handles ambient automatic pressure valve of equalization, and secure stacking.

All of these unique features make it a military-grade guitar flight case.


  • TSA approved latches
  • Waterproof
  • Airtight and submersible design
  • Easy to carry along


  • Not a customized fit for every guitar as a stock model

Purchasing through this affiliate link helps support us with a small commission on your new case πŸ™‚

5.    SKB Injection-molded Les Paul Flight Case – TSA Latches, w/wheels

Like the other injection molded guitar case, Les Paul guitar case is also injection molded waterproof guitar flight case which accommodates Les Paul style guitars.

This case is also made using an ultra-strong polypropylene resin copolymer and features the submersible and waterproof design.

The plush interior of this case keeps your guitar protected from all sides. Moreover, this guitar flight case is resistant to UV, solvent, corrosion, and fungus.

It also features quiet-glide wheels and a large accessory compartment interior. And no list of cases would be complete without a Les Paul specific case!


  • Waterproof
  • Super-strong case
  • Keeps your guitar protected from all sides
  • Resistant to UV, solvent, corrosion, and fungus
  • Quiet-glide wheels
  • Large accessory compartment


  • Not fully waterproof
  • Arguably, somewhat overpriced
  • External plastic is prone to scratches

Purchasing through this affiliate link helps support us with a small commission on your new case πŸ™‚

6.    Harmony HCGC212C Universal 1X12 Electric Guitar Combo Amp Rolling Flight Case

This series has spring-loaded handles that allow easy handling with laminated 3/8 plywood. They consist of heavy ball corners that give it the best shape.

These series have 3-1/2″ rolling wheels with brake locks to provide the best protection and safety. 

It has a perfect fit if 1 * 12 Guitar Amp combos. Looking into the interior will let you know that it has a foam-lined interior which includes foam inserts for exact fit.


  • Quality build
  • Heavy ball corners
  • Spring-loaded handles


  • Dimensions may vary

Purchasing through this affiliate link helps support us with a small commission on your new case πŸ™‚

7.    SKB 000 Size Acoustic Shaped Hardshell – TSA Latch, Over-Molded Handle

SKB 000 series have the best enduring rubber molded handles along with full neck support. Yet it has abridged EPS foam interior to keep guitar safe firm slipping.

It also has the accessories compartment and it can easily fit a martin 000 guitar. This series features a secure nylon trigger release latching system that is also TSA recognized.


  • Lockable case
  • Sturdy
  • Fairly priced
  • Hinges are the best
  • The guitar fits easily


  • Reports of an unusually strong chemical smell when new

Purchasing through this affiliate link helps support us with a small commission on your new case πŸ™‚


It is not recommended to carry your guitar along with you while traveling as there are many risks to it even though there are high-quality protective guitar cases available.

Airlines have been known to do some awful damage to our beloved instruments.

Yet if you must carry your guitar along with you then invest in the best guitar cases as mentioned above because they help you to reduce the risk of damage. 

Along with the best guitar case, it is also important to invest in a travel-friendly guitar. This list of best guitar flight cases will help you to get the best one for your guitar.

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